My first session with with Eden was a 30-minute massage, and I immediately knew I had to return for more treatment. She was warm, inviting, and informative. I appreciated her respectful questions about my body and potential dysphoria. For the first time, I felt 100% safe entering into a massage. Prior to my first session, I had always struggled with tension headaches. I shared this with Eden and she not only worked on my neck and shoulders but also educated me about the main issues causing tension headaches. That was 3 months ago and I have not had a single tension headache since. 


I have returned to Eden for therapeutic massage sessions ranging from 60-90 minute. She is accessible to schedule with and the prices are outstanding for the incredible services. From my first session, I learned that I had only ever experienced relaxation massage which was nice but never got my body to truly feeling good. Eden's treatment has helped my body move quickly towards health. I have had a slew of sports related injuries in my past and since seeking treatment from Eden, my pain levels and stiffness have dramatically improved. My posture has also improved and requires less effort to maintain due to the breathing and standing practices I have learned from her. 


Go see Eden if you truly want to experience a lasting difference in your body, not just brief relaxation. - Jack S.